Off Festival 2014 review

On the first days of August we were on the OFF Festival 2014 situated in Katowice. It’s one of the biggest festival in our country which concentrate the alternative music fans. The idea of the OFF festival is to  open to everything what is unconventional. It is the best place for artists who are just waiting for their five minutes of Fame. 

OFF Festival was a very well organized.  While leasning to the music we could also spend time at the different way. You can go watch TV, go to hairdresser, play games and eat a delicious meat. For everybody who was big hungry there were tasty burgers, big  dumplings or Thai bucket with rice and meat in a special sauces – for typical Thai cusine.

Between concerts fans could walk around through the Gastro and the OFF market. Side by side we and “Tomasz Szabelka and Team” have a nice place to relax and play games on old consoles. Retro Gaming Corner gives a lot of fun (you can see on the photos) thanks to the SNES, PS One and XBox.

SNES was for players who remember a  game called “Street Fighter”.  Two boys come to us and play a lot of time during those 3 days. On the PS One players were able to play Atari Arcade, Gran Turismo 2, FIFA 1998 and Street Racer. On the XBox we could play Golden Axe 1,2,3 and Mortal Kombat 1,2 and 3.

For us Off Festival was the best place to show you our game. BoardCraft is no ordinary board game – it is a game of a thousand ideas. BoardCraft is a door open to everybody creativity and a tool to fulfill ideas for their own games – one they will imagine and would like to play themselves.

Our photos show younger ond older people having fun playing games on the old consoles See you next year on the OFF Festival 2015 🙂

IMG_2085 IMG_2218

  IMG_2223  IMG_2220

IMG_2219  IMG_2162

IMG_2098  IMG_2168

IMG_2087  IMG_2089

  IMG_2176  DSC_6974

  IMG_2123  DSC_7063

DSC_6927 DSC_6921

DSC_7033 DSC_7023

IMG_2160 IMG_2197

DSC_6769 DSC_6764

DSC_6766 DSC_6800

IMG_2078 IMG_2139


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