Icetris carves out the media :)

It has been a long time since we were here. Now we are back with some new information about our game. Meanwhile a lot of things have been going on.
We have started to work on a new project – time management game. More info will be published on our blog soon.We have also updated Icetris with a new valentine’s background that was awarded in Screenshot Weekly series article in the Indie Game Magazine.
icetris 2
“One of the things that I love most about new games with retro style is that they bring back fond memories of classic games like Tetris. Icetris for iPhone is a unique combination of match three and falling blocks that’ll have you addicted in no time”
These are the words that iOSAppList used.We also would like to thank for the info about the Icetris newest update.
We would like to invite you to follow our Icetris profile on Pinterest.

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Icetris Arcade Game

We’ve got a great news for the Icetris game fans! It’s now avaliable on iOS, Android and Windows Phone!
You can download it now with the newest Christmas update with Santa in the background.


For those who don’t know what Icetris is, here is a short description.
Icetris it is a fast and absorbing skill game in the retro style. Player’s main task is to change cointainers so the falling elements can fall into the right one.
You need to be focused because it’s not going to be easy. Strain your eyes, prepare your fingers, collect the points and beat your own records.
This game will help you to exercise your skills and perceptiveness in every moment as well as it gives you a lot of fun.

What’s more – Icetris is free! Download!
Visit our web site
and our fanpage on facebook

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Hall of Games

Hall of Games fairs in Wroclaw

The first edition of Hall of Games fairs took place in Wroclaw November 14-16. This event was addressed to all the video games, board games, cosplay and e-sport fans. There was some special lectures for those who are interested in creating games.

Thanks to a great variety of entertainment everyone could find something interesting. The biggest emotions aroused among the game tournament of such games as Starcraft 2, Dot 2, League of Legends and cosplay contest. The best players were fighting for the prizes.


Players could play in more than 400 board and card games in the congress centre. In the Retro Play Zone there was 50 stands where you could play in legendary games on the old type computers and consoles.

BoardgamesSource: Hall of Games

The main entertainment arena was full of game and equipment stands. There was also our stand among all of this. For all 3 days you could talk to us and play 2 games: Icetris – a skill game and BoardCraft – our newest production that allows a player to create his own board game on the tab. We would like to inform you that the premiere of this game will be in December!


On Saturday and Sunday on Hall of Games there was a contest that relied on collecting as many points as you can in Icetris game. The competition was really bitter. The record belongs to Piotrek and the t-shirt goes to him.


We would like to thank all of you for coming to our stand and for your kind words.
See you next event.

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Hall of Games – We also going to be there!

Tomorrow (November 14) one of the biggest gaming fairs will start in the Lower Silesia. It is Hall of Games fairs that will last 3 days. It is as a great opportunity to meet game creators and to get to know new game productions. There will be game tournaments, workshops and the biggest board game fans jamboree in the region.

We also going to be there!
Come and create your own board game thanks to Boardcraft or play Icetris skill game.


For more information follow us on:

If you plan to visit the fairs we would like to invite you to download our competitive application to win some prizes.
The aim of this game is to collect as many points as you can. You can get them by:
– sloving riddles (journalist’s path)
– doing tasks on the stands (player’s path)
– attending lectures (scholar’s path)
Of course you can solve the riddles of any type! Choose tasks and fight for every point!
The player who gets most of all points wins the prizes endowed by organisers!


Get it on Google Play

For iOS and Windows Phone users go & check the web version.

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A report from the Game Arena Poznań 2014

The biggest game fairs are behind us. Emotions have subsided therefore let’s summarize this event in a few words. The fairs were organized on a great scale. 60 000 people visited 105 stands of different exhibitors in 4 pavilions.We were one of them.


By visiting us you could play IceTris or BoardCraft.

IceTris is the mobile arcade game. Check it out here:

IMG_3229 IMG_3239

BoardCraft on the other hand is a game that enables you to create your own board games. Thanks to its unlimited possibilities it develops kids’ creativity and gives them a lot of joy.

Amongst this year fairs’ PGA edition a lot of attention has gained not only Ubisoft or Xbox stands but also:

  • Game tournaments
  • Retro Area where you could play a legendary games on the old video game consoles and computers
  • Indie Area – a place dedicated to an independent game creators. There were 44 studios not only from Poland but also from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and France.

The fairs were accompanied by very interesting discussions, debates and presentations that were held on the small and big stage as well as on the Game Authors’ Convention (polish: ZTG – Zjazd Twórców Gier). There were journalists, developers and critics among the invited quests. Theirs’ presentations have inspired us to some interesting reflections.

On the same time there was “Happy Baby” fairs – these are the Toys and Products for Children Fairs that accompanied PGA 2014. On our stand kids could find many interesting attractions and check how the electronic entertainment can help them to develop.

IMG_3219 IMG_3221

In conclusion we would like to thank all of you who have visited us on the fairs and were interested in our work. See you next year!

nasz team

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Apple present new tablet with Touch ID and iMac with retina display

Yesterday’s Apple conference confirmed previous rumours about: iPads’, iMacs’ and the new software.

Let’s start form iPads’

Cupertino company has presented iPad mini 3 with 7.9 inch screen and iPad Air 2 with 9.7 inch screen. The first one is equipped with a fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) that is placed in the Home button. Thanks to the iSight camera it is possible to take a 5MP resolution photo. There is also Face Time HD camera in the front of the iPad. It improves the quality of photos and movies.


iPad Air 2 has been equipped with a fingerprint sensor just like the iPad Mini. It will be used to Apple Pay. The iPad with 9.7 inch screen has got a special antiglare coat that is useful in the sunlit places. iPad Air is also equipped with improved camera that is capable of making 1080p resolution movies and taking 8 MP resolution photos. Additionally, for the first time, in the iPad there is a possibility of taking the series photos.


What is the difference between the iPad Air 2 and its’ predecessor? iPad Air 2 is thinner because it has got only 6.1 mm and its weight is 435 gram. It causes that iPad Air 2 is the thinnest on the market and its battery lasts 10 hours.

Here is the novelty that is the Retina display. Also the Mac Mini gained the new processor and the graphics card.


Operating systems
OS X Yosmite introduces refreshed look based on the transparency. There is many useful functions that make the system works smoothly on the OS X together with iOS (Hand Off and Continuity). Apple also announced that they will publish the update of iOS to 8.1 version that removes 8.0 version errors on the October the 20th. It will also be introducing the Apple Pay.

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Mobility Reseller Days 24 – 25 of September 2014

On Wednesday and Thursday in Warsaw we will be on Mobility Reseller Days. We would like to invite you to our stand number 29. We will present you our new BoardCraft game. Additionally we would like to present you our new Ice Bucket Challenge game. We have prepared it not only for a great entertainment but mainly to increase the gathered amount of money for ALS. That’s all what we can say. Come and see yourselfJ

What is MRD?

Mobility Reseller Days gather IT market and Telecom around oneself that is: producers, distributors, importers, applications’ and mobile systems’ as well as purchasing and selling chains’ developers. The idea of this days is to establish collaboration and tighten partnership trading relations of polish and foreign branch representatives.


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New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus price

Every Apple fan has been waiting with impatience for the conference that was held on the 9th of September. Those present at the conference were full of admiration not only for the new iPhone but also the new Apple Watch. Now we are waiting for the sale of these iPhones. It has started on Friday September the 9th but only on the chosen markets in the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Polish fans of new iPhone have to wait until November to buy it yet it’s not certain. The most impatient fans can always go to German Apple Store.

These are the prices of new iPhones:
iPhone 6 16 GB 199$
iPhone 6 64 GB 299$
iPhone 6 128GB  399$

iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB 299$
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB 399$
iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB 499$


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Apple conference 09.2014 review

Apple conference was quite surprising bacause the company from Cupertino has
presented not only the iPhone but also an inteligent watch. The rumours about it went around the Internet much earlier of course. Yet no one was certain what Apple will present.

At the beginning of the conference the two versions of iPhone were presented – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 has got the 4,7 inch screen and 1334×750 pixels resolution. His bigger brother iPhone 6 Plus has got 5,5 inch screen and Full HD resolution with 1920×1080 pixels. iPhone has got the new case now that is more round i.e. its corners are round and edges are soft.

The most important information that revolutionizes the market (american for now) is the Apple Pay– Apple’s own mobile paymanet system. Apple couldn’t ignore that significant segment connected with huge money. Apple tries to convince us to its solution and claims that using the traditional charge card is time-consuming as well as outdated. Another
benefit can be the speed and facility payment.

Another novelty is Apple Watch i.e. the intelligent watch that we waited for.
Apple Watch just like iPhone will be available in two sizes and three variants: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. In addition there will be 6 different watch straps to choose from. The watch has rectangle shape with round angles. In the right side there is a winder that enables us to enlarge the map or to rewind the contents on the

Apple Watch is very personal tool and prone to personalization that is equipped with
a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a pulse sensor. The watch connects wireless with the
mobile phone and its battery lasts all day and needs a recharge at night. Apple Watch just like iPhone can operate Apple Pay.



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10 reasons why the AppStore has rejected your app

There are many start-up companies on the market that want to conquer the world with its new and revolutionary ideas. They make every effort to do their applications noticeable and so that people will download them what is the most important. App Store despite its many mysteries tries to help its smartphones’ and tablets’ users to find the application they look for. Venture Beat shows us the most common reasons that make the Apple          to reject the applications. Please consider these reasons if you want your application             to be accepted by App Store.

These are the 10 reasons that Apple take into consideration while rejecting the
applications (the instructions come from the last 7 days of August)
1)      14% of Apps are rejected due to the lack of sufficient information
2)      8% has got some kind of errors or other failures
3)      6% of Apps do not fulfill the Developer Program License Agreement conditions
4)      6% of Apple customers value the high quality, the simplicity and the creativity of
every application. It is not easy to satisfy the required conditions. However if you spent more time on these elements the value of your application will grow
5)      5% of Apps’ names or descriptions are not relevant to their content
6)      5% has got misleading information or the same names and icons
7)      4% of iTunes Connect Apps cause confusion because its name is not the same
on every device
8)      4% of Apps uses placeholder text – this element makes the application to be rejected
9)      3% of the developers do not assign the appropriate opinion to their Apps
10)   2% of ‘beta’, ‘demo’ or ‘trial’ versions of Apps are rejected


app store



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