10 reasons why the AppStore has rejected your app

There are many start-up companies on the market that want to conquer the world with its new and revolutionary ideas. They make every effort to do their applications noticeable and so that people will download them what is the most important. App Store despite its many mysteries tries to help its smartphones’ and tablets’ users to find the application they look for. Venture Beat shows us the most common reasons that make the Apple          to reject the applications. Please consider these reasons if you want your application             to be accepted by App Store.

These are the 10 reasons that Apple take into consideration while rejecting the
applications (the instructions come from the last 7 days of August)
1)      14% of Apps are rejected due to the lack of sufficient information
2)      8% has got some kind of errors or other failures
3)      6% of Apps do not fulfill the Developer Program License Agreement conditions
4)      6% of Apple customers value the high quality, the simplicity and the creativity of
every application. It is not easy to satisfy the required conditions. However if you spent more time on these elements the value of your application will grow
5)      5% of Apps’ names or descriptions are not relevant to their content
6)      5% has got misleading information or the same names and icons
7)      4% of iTunes Connect Apps cause confusion because its name is not the same
on every device
8)      4% of Apps uses placeholder text – this element makes the application to be rejected
9)      3% of the developers do not assign the appropriate opinion to their Apps
10)   2% of ‘beta’, ‘demo’ or ‘trial’ versions of Apps are rejected

Source: http://venturebeat.com/2014/09/01/heres-the-top-10-reasons-that-apple-rejects-apps/

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