Icetris on Digital Dragons 2015

Digital Dragons 2015

We visited Digital Dragons in Kraków for the second time. For those of you who haven’t been there – it’s an event aimed mostly at game developers, as well as an excellent opportunity to establish contacts in the gamedev / indiedev community and play the latest releases.

We went to Digital Dragons with a bit of a sentiment, because last year it was our first game dev event. Such shows are sure-shots in terms of having fun, enjoying the vibe and mingling.

It was no different during Digital Dragons 2015.

Our booth was located in the main hall. The game we brought to DD was Icetris – a fast-paced arcade that serves as an excellent spare time killer. The gameplay is very simple – it’s based on changing the containers at the bottom of the screen, that collect falling ice cubes and, depending on the level, spiders, fish, gift boxes, votes, etc. The game demands focus and concentration. Take a look at some of the players enjoying Icetris.

Icetris players on Digital Dragons
Icetris players on Digital Dragons 2015

We’ve also managed to find some time to play ourselves. We really liked the game called Roguelike – The Shadowborn, which won in the indie category. While traversing randomly generated landscapes, you develop your character’s skills, his traits and collect various pieces of equipment.


A big ‘thank you’ goes out to everyone who has visited our booth, played Icetris and left us with some nice feedback – we really appreciate it!

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Report from Wolves Summit


Wolves Summit is one of the biggest event in Poland that gathers visitors from all around the world. It is a great occasion to meet other startups (there were around 300 of them) and to talk with investors and people working in marketing. The conference was dedicated to ambitious people who are not afraid to start their own business. After all Wolves Summit means the meeting of the best people in their field – and that is binding.

Several dozen hours of essential knowledge

The organizers put much effort to make all the lectures interesting and diverse. Participants could between choose such lectures as: Investors, Startups, Design, Marketing or Tech. All of them were presented on 3 stages.

IMG_1243 thumb_IMG_1238_1024

International visitors

During these 3 days we had pleasure to meet many people and get to know their ideas for business. To the conference in Gdynia people came from Norway, Sweden, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada and Argentina.

Speed Dates

It was a meeting with investors during which we had only 10 minutes to present the idea of our product. We described briefly what we are doing and after that there was the moment of truth – what are they going to say… The stress was large but the next meetings were much easier because we knew what to expect.

While we were waiting for the next meeting Ewelina from Eska radio asked us to say something about Wolves Summit



That is what every participant likes the most – we hope so. It was a great time that we spend away from the conference etiquette. We could talk with each other as well as exchange experience. Networking took place in Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot.


Great pitch

Startups from all over the world had its 5 minutes. Around 100 of startups could present their vision of business. The board of experts decided that the best is Ourotech and they won $ 50 000 prize.


Great conference and full of knowledge. We’ve met fantastic people there. See you next time!




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